What should I bring for a day of fishing?

We supply all the fishing gear and tackle. We also supply ice, bait and bottled water. Please bring your food, drink, sunscreen, and don’t forget your camera. We have cooler space, but there is plenty of room onboard for a small cooler and a personal bag if you want. You are welcome to bring beer and wine, but no bottles or hard liquor please.

Do you have a bathroom on board?

YES. We have a standard marine head.

What happens if the weather is bad?

The captain will have a very good idea of sea conditions prior to leaving the dock. If we feel it is unsafe or will be too uncomfortable for the trip, we will cancel and offer you a full refund or a rebooking, whichever you prefer. Typically, we ask that you reconfirm the charter two days prior and we normally have a good idea of weather by then. Rain does not stop us as long as heavy wind and lightning is not a factor.

 Are children welcome?

Yes, Yes, Yes!! We love to have kids on board. The video on the first page of this website is a sailfish caught by a 10 year old. Beware! Once they're “hooked” on fishing, they will want to go all the time.

How many people can you take?

The boat is licensed for 6 passengers. We recommend 4 for a more comfortable trip, but we can handle up to 6 easily.

Do you guarantee fish?

Unfortunately no. Although it’s rare to not get anything, it does occasionally happen. That is just part of fishing and we are not able to make such a guarantee.

I am worried about sea sickness, what should I do to prevent it?

For those not used to being on the water, you will want to take steps to minimize the risk. Most people don’t get seasick, but a little common sense and some over-the-counter remedies will help. There are several products you can take. We cannot recommend medications, but you may want to speak with your doctor or a pharmacist for what is best for you. At the very least; get a good night’s sleep the night before. NO drinking the night before. Eat breakfast, but stay away from greasy or acidic foods. Bring pretzels or saltine crackers with you. They work wonders in easing that little queasy feeling.